Saturday, April 14, 2007

Manoharan Suthagar (25) has learnt garland making from his parents at the age of five. His parents used to make garlands for temples. He followed his parents footsteps and has become a garland maker.

Suthagar has a small place at Sri Venkadeswara Maha Vishnu temple in Nediamala to make garlands for the temple. He is single, needs more money once he gets married.

He feels challenged, when he tries out new styles in garland making. A few like Suthagar likes to become garland makers, because it does not pay much, unless they own the business.
A view of the "Kopuram" of Sri Venkadesa Maha Vishnu temple in Nedimala
Manoharan Suthagar (25) gets good business on weekends
He feels blessed, when his garlands are decorating the idols
He learnt garland making from his parents
"I need more money, when I get married. I am managing now" said Manoharan Suthagar (25)
He uses fresh flowers such as jasmine, leaves such as betel ,and grass such as "Arugu" to make garlands
"Garland making is an art, and needs a lot of patience" noted Manoharan Suthagar
Few young males like to become garland makers due to low income
Suthagar earns Rs.1,500/= per day as an average income
The temple is decorated on special days